Computer Lab

Kumar B.Ed. College Computer Lab The computer labs available in the 500 sq feet area and it is one of the earliest computer centers among the city's colleges, our Computer Centre is equipped with state of the art hardware and software. Besides providing training to students, the center assists the college in maintaining and processing data. In computer Lab having 10 hi tech computer, Laser printers, Scanners, LCD projectors and other peripherals are connected with the network. we spend more time in the computer lab than in our rooms. sleep? why not be in the computer lab checking your myspace.its a cult that is impossible to get out of once your sucked in, just ask tom cruise. energy drinks, snickers, triple shot espresso, constant urination breaks, and running on nothing but caffine and desire...thats what were all about!


Kumar B.Ed.College Building The College Premises surrounds the mail building . The build up area of main building is approx 21900 (21834) & 2030(2028) sq.ft. The multi-purpose hall are fully air conditioned and there exists an specious reading hall attached to Library.

Class Room

Kumar B.Ed.College Class Room Kumar B.Ed has spacious class rooms which includes facilities like internet connectivity, audio visual aids and public address systems. Spacious class rooms with sophisticated furniture specially designed in modern management style to facilitate easy interaction in the class room and audio system meet the quality demands of the course. Syndicate rooms, a well furnished conference hall with built in audio and video systems, film projects, slide projectors are used to make the curriculum interesting and informative.

Science Lab

Kumar B.Ed.College Science Lab There are various apparatus, glassware's, substances which is used in school subreat science form 5 to10. It helps standard teachers to understand different scientific rates and principles.


Kumar B.Ed. College Library The libraries also have the concept of book banks where students are issued books for the entire semester for a nominal charge. Each library has extensive subject collections to support both recommended and background reading. The library also catalogues project work undertaken by graduating students , so that future students can use these as reference material. In addition, the Library endeavors to make available any title that is not in current circulation with the library.